At Artisans For Hope refugees also take on the title of student and artisan.

While they are learning to master the crafts of sewing, knitting, bookmaking, and beading, we all work diligently to create a friendly atmosphere where all feel welcomed and loved.

Artisans For Hope is in Boise, Idaho, one of over 200 resettlement communities across the United States providing safe haven to refugees from war torn countries across the world. Nearly six thousand individuals from thirty-five countries call Boise their home. 

These newest members of our community and country arrive here after years of refugee camps and uncertainty that have been their constant companions during this flight to safety and hope. Their histories, customs, social norms and traditions, culture and faith are vastly different, highly visible and often misunderstood.

Join our Refugee-artisans! 

If you are a refugee in the Boise area, enroll in our classes and learn how to create beautiful hand-made products to sell. 

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