Our Mission

Help Refugees learn skills and connect to the Boise community. 

Thank you to Scentsy Family Foundation for making this video and for including Artisans4Hope in your 2012 Spending Spree for Refugees.



  • Training and supplies to advance and expand textile skills
  • Opportunities to market handcrafted items
  • ESL and community knowledge
  • Basic skill development for employment and entrepreneurship
  • A safe environment to foster friendships, collaboration, and healthy connections

 75% of sales goes to the student who made the product sold. To date, Artisans For Hope has dispersed over $85,000 to students.

Board of Directors

  • Joan Cloonan (Founding member, executive committee) Interim Board director
  • Marci Lingo
  • Joleen Graham (Executive committee)
  • Judy Oakes
  • Jim Bratnober (Executive committee)
  • Maria Shefa
  • Linda Dixon (Executive committee)
  • Lil Kurek
  • Deborah Kristal


Artisans For Hope is a community-based, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization in the resettlement city of Boise, Idaho. Our goal is to assist incoming refugees develop the skill base, language acquisition, and confidence to successfully integrate into their new community. We do this by building on the traditional fiber-related handcraft skills and interests of refugees.

Artisans For Hope believes that refuge is more than physical safety;
it is opportunity and possibility;
it is support toward participation and citizenry;
it is understanding and hard work.
— Hildy Ayer Founding member, board advisor


  • Joan Sheehan, Executive Director
  • Veronique Giwe Tongbi,  Program Manager