Release Form

This form authorizes Artisans For Hope to use refugee stories and photos in conjunction with Artisans For Hope publications, presentations, document, and/or social media (i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Such content will be copyrighted, published, and in some instances, sold by Artisans For Hope in which profits will be utilized to support Artisans For Hope projects and artisans/students/refugees.

Photos may be take occasionally at the Artisans For Hope studio and events. Photos may be used in publications, presentations, documents, and/or social media purposes.

All photos are reviewed to avoid accidental publication of any refugee who does not wish to share their identity through any form of content media.

By filling out the form below you give Artisans For Hope permission to use the following (see list below) as checked/marked by you (the student/artisan/refugee) for the use of publication, presentations, documents, and/or social media


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By typing my name or initials I am agreeing to the to the conditions of the Release Form and verifying my permissions for the use of my name, photo, story, and country of origin.
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